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Dear NHU Students,

On behalf of The National Hispanic University community, welcome to the 2014—2015 academic year at NHU. We approach this year with great excitement and look forward to supporting you in the successful completion of your academic program.

This year is going to be a year like no other. As you focus on excelling in your classes and checking off each item on your graduation checklist, you will be in the unique position of being a member of the final graduating class of NHU.

For each of us, this brings a variety of emotions and thoughts about what it means to be a part of the last graduating class at NHU. My hope is that you will take this final year at NHU to realize your fullest potential as a student and remain steadfast in pursuit of your life's passions. My wish is that you will feel pride in having been an integral part of this university. My commitment to you is that everyone in the NHU community will dedicate themselves to maintaining an academic environment that supports your success, challenges you to aspire to be more than you thought possible, gives you space to reflect on the accomplishments and commitment you have demonstrated in reaching your goals, and honors your process of saying goodbye to the community of individuals at NHU who have dedicated their careers to supporting your success.

Now is the time for you to determine what your final academic year will look like and what your lasting contribution will be as an NHU graduate. Take advantage of the array of support available to you from our staff and faculty. We are all here to ensure that you have a transformational experience that uplifts you, empowers you, and celebrates your success as you reach that ultimate goal: graduation.

Thank you for contributing to what will become the powerful legacy of The National Hispanic University.

Con gratitud,

Gladys Ato, Psy.D.
President and Provost