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Shaun-Adrian Choflá, M.A.


M.A., B.A., Pacific Oaks College

Research Interests
Behavior intervention of severe problem behaviors, social activism, narrative-based qualitative research, critical pedagogy, homophobia and transphobia, queer theory, emergent curriculum, authentic assessment, identity development of young children, societal power and privilege

Professor Choflá joined The National Hispanic University's Familia™ in 2008. He currently teaches courses in child development and early childhood education, with a focus on early intervention. In his role as a progressive educator, he is dedicated to building and maintaining democratic learning communities where all members are viewed and treated as co-learners and co-teachers. Professor Choflá has spent more than 22 years working in the fields of behavior analysis, early intervention, adult education, and educational technology. In 2005, he founded Gay & Gender Research, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bisexual, gay, lesbian, and transgender-related research. More recently, in 2011, he co-founded Empathy Therapy, an outpatient mental health clinic focused on deeply compassionate and culturally responsive care.


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