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CTEL (CLAD)/BCLAD Certificates


The California Teacher of English Learners (formerly known as CLAD) certificate program is designed to help you support the diverse needs of your students, specifically English learners. The CTEL certificate prepares credentialed teachers in theory and methodologies for English Language Development (ELD) and Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) in order to instruct linguistically and culturally diverse K–12 students. In addition, you may choose to pursue a BCLAD (Bilingual, Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development) certificate which incorporates much of the coursework from the CTEL program.

The National Hispanic University is authorized by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing to provide both programs. This program is taught on our campus in San José

See the admission requirements.

Completion Requirements

  • 4 courses (12 units) taken consecutively
    • 6 weeks each
    • 2 evenings per week
Prerequisite Course
LIN 406 Comparative Linguistics 3

CTEL (CLAD)/BCLAD Authorization Courses
EDU 508 Educational Foundations 3
EDU 515 Cultural Diversity in the Classroom 3
EDU 520 Second Language Learners 3
EDU 567 Advanced Teaching for English Language Learners 3

We also offer the preliminary credential programs for prospective educators you know.

For more information about these programs, please call 1-877-584-6648 and speak to one of our enrollment advisors.