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David Hanley, M.A.


M.A. and B.A., San José State University

Research Interests
World history, military history, physical geography, cultural geography, cultural anthropology, archaeology, genealogy

Professor David Hanley has spent more than 25 years working professionally in Silicon Valley, specializing in inventory control, supply chain logistics, and warehouse management. In 2004, he founded the Area 51 Network Gaming Center, an enterprise dedicated to blending high-end entertainment with historically themed simulations and exhibits. In 2011, he founded Swift Legal Support, a San José-based enterprise providing legal support services to law firms, pro se litigants, and financial institutions. Professor Hanley is the author of Kokubokan: Japanese Aircraft Carrier Development, 1922–1945, which was the culmination of his program of studies in Asian and military history. Since 2001, he has been a contributing faculty member of The National Hispanic University, where he has taught a variety of subjects in the fields of anthropology, geography, history, and ethnic studies, with concentration on world history, cultural geography, and cultural anthropology courses.


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