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Mark Tolf, M.A.


M.A., DePaul University; B.A., Indiana Wesleyan University

Research Interests
Existentialism, phenomenology

Professor Mark Tolf has more than 11 years of teaching experience (classroom, video, and online) and more than 30 years of study in the field of philosophy. He teaches various philosophy courses for The National Hispanic University and other colleges. Professor Tolf has taught innovative undergraduate classes in logic, ethics, world religions, critical thinking, contemporary international problems, and multicultural dimensions of society, and the undergraduate philosophy course he created received a Quality Matters online education industry certification. He has served as a mentor, tutor, and advisor to faculty and students as well as a department lead. Professor Tolf was one of several instructors selected for the summer 2006 and 2007 sessions of the Oxford Round Table. He has also conducted various live seminars on academic writing and academic integrity issues.


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