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Student must select 21 units from this listing including the three required courses.

T&I 205 (required)                                   3 units
Syntax and Discourse Analysis I

T&I 305 (required)                                    3 units
Translation Theory and Technique I

T&I 306 (required)                                    3 units
Interpretation Theory and Technique I

Four Elective Courses from the Following:

T&I 314                                                     3 units
Banking, Commerce and Finance

T&I 315                                                     3 units
Political, Government & International Relations

T&I 316                                                     3 units
Medical Terminology: Anatomy and Physiology

T&I 318                                                     3 units
  Medical Terminology: Diseases and Treatment

T&I 410                                                     3 units
Computers and Technology in Translation

T&I 413                                                     3 units
Legal Translation

T&I 414                                                     3 units
Legal Interpretation