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Mission and Vision


The mission of the Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program (T & I) is to prepare and train bilingual students to a high level of professional competence in the arts of translation and interpretation.

The certificate program is a set of specific academic courses that is narrower in scope and objectives than a degree or major, and which is designed to be finished within one year. A certificate will be issued after the completion of 21 units of coursework.


The vision of the T & I program is to provide the education and necessary tools to students so they can succeed as a translator and interpreter in a highly competitive world.


  • To prepare interpreters and translators in the Spanish-English combination
  • To offer students the opportunity to apply units earned in T&I courses towards the pursue of other degree programs at NHU

Graduates from the program will learn:

  • Specialized vocabulary
  • Techniques for simultaneous and sequential interpretation, and sight and text translation
  • Intra-language interpretation and reading comprehension techniques for education and learning in any discipline

*A personal interview with the program coordinator is needed to establish that the applicant has a basic command of both English and Spanish.