Undergraduate Admission Requirements


To qualify for undergraduate admission students need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have graduated from a recognized secondary school, or

  • Have taken the test of general education development (GED), or

  • Possess the equivalent in formal education;

  • Have a minimum secondary school grade point average (GPA) from the last three years of study of 2.0 for first-time freshman, or 2.0 GPA for transfer students (on a four-point scale). Students with less than 2.0 GPA, may petition in writing to NHU admissions for consideration on a Conditional Low GPA for the first semester of enrollment.  Students admitted on Conditional Low GPA must obtain a 2.0 or better in their first semester to continue.  Failure to do so may disqualify the student;

Students need to provide the following to the Office of Admissions in order to ensure proper processing of the application:

Students need to complete NHU admission application;

  • A student who does not possess a high school diploma, but can demonstrate high school equivalency through the successful completion of the General Equivalency Development (GED) test, must submit to the Office of Admissions the official test scores, which meet the state‚Äôs minimum for passing. Students who have not earned a high school diploma or GED must submit proof of passing the California High School Proficiency Examination.

  • Official transcript from each college attended, if applicable*;

  • Goal Statement;

* Official transcripts must possess the appropriate institutional authority and must certify transcripts and other admission documents. Students who have completed their studies abroad must submit their official documents to an approved foreign transcript evaluation agency to receive a report of equivalent United States college credits, diplomas, or degrees. If the documents are not in English, they must be accompanied by an English translation. Information on approved agencies may be obtained from Enrollment. Office of Admissions.

Orientation and Academic Placement

NHU requires all entering undergraduate students to attend New Student Orientation administered in the Student Academic Assistance Center. Orientation includes an introduction to NHU, expectations, where to find help, and information about academic assessment in English and Mathematics.  Exceptions will be made to students transferring equivalent ENG 100 or MAT 100 coursework.

Official Admission

A student is officially admitted once he/she submits an online application along with the required documents to their Enrollment Advisor as described is this section, and has received an acceptance letter from the Office of Admissions.

The applicant is notified in writing regarding their admission.  The final responsibility for the fulfillment of all admission requirements lies with the student. When in doubt, the student should consult the Office of Admissions.

High School Equivalency Exam/State of California Proficiency Exam

A student who do not possess a high school diploma, but can demonstrate high school equivalency through the successful completion of the General Equivalency Development (GED) test, must submit to the Office of Admissions the official test scores, which meet the state’s minimum for passing.  If no high school diploma or GED is completed, the student must submit proof of passing the California High School Proficiency Examination.

Contingent Admission

Under certain circumstances, an undergraduate student may be contingently admitted before a full admission is completed.  In these cases, the student must have:

  • Completed an online NHU admissions application;

  • Signed a contingent admission contract;

  • Submitted copy of high school transcript, and copy of transcripts for all colleges attended, until official transcripts are received;

  • Goal Statement;

  • Submitted a GPA petition letter (if applicable);

All missing items have to be provided within the first semester in which the student enrolls.  Students not complying with their contingent admission within allowable time frame may be dismissed from NHU and student status will be changed to inactive status.  Students dismissed must reapply for admission, submit all required documents, and pay all applicable fees.  If a student has been contingently admitted and is dismissed he/she is not eligible for contingently admission a second time for same missing documentation.

Grade reports or transcripts may be issued only when all conditions noted is satisfied.

High School Students

Students still attending high school will be considered for enrollment in certain special programs, if recommended by school officials and appropriate NHU department chair.  Preparation must be equivalent to that required of eligible California high school graduates.  Such admission is only for a given term, program, and does not constitute the right to continued enrollment.


NHU may contingently accept first-time freshman providing they have completed all high school requirements and met the admissions requirements with the exception of official high school transcripts stating their completion date.  Students must submit their official high school transcripts with all current coursework to date.  If student transcript does not meet the 2.0 requirement, student must petition to NHU for admission, and student may be put on conditional low GPA their first semester of enrollment. Student will not qualify for official acceptance until Official high school transcripts are sent to NHU with graduation completion date.  They may not register for courses until they are informed in writing from the Office of Admissions.

Admission as a Transfer Student

Transfer students will adhere to all admissions procedures.  A student will be considered a transfer student having completed a minimum of 12-transferable Semester units, or 18-transferable Quarter units of college level coursework, with a 2.0 GPA.

The National Hispanic University evaluates, without prejudice, applicants for admission.  Applicants are reviewed on the merits of their prior academic achievements and potential for achieving the goals and objectives of the program to which they seek admission.

An applicant cannot disregard his/her previous college records and apply for entrance to freshman standing.

Students must submit all official transcripts from all schools and colleges attended. In addition, transfer students must comply with all graduation requirements as they appear in this catalog under Academic Requirements at Graduation.



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