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Student Consumer Information

Federal regulations require all campuses to provide specified information to prospective and current students, staff and the general public. Listed below are those items that must be available for review per federal regulation.

Federal regulations require direct individual notices of prescribed information to certain target audiences including prospective students; currently enrolled students; current employees; parents, and the general public. Disclosures are to include crime/security statistics, student completion/graduation rates, FERPA privacy/security rights, and financial aid program information.

General Information

About NHU - click here NHU
(Includes mission, accreditation)

Fact Page - click here NHU
(Includes current enrollment facts & figures by ethnicity)

Academic Programs
Information about academic programs offered at NHU can be found in the University Catalog.

General Student Information

Cost of Attendance - click here NHU

Disability Support Services - click here NHU

Drug/Alcohol Policies - click here NHU

Copyright Infringement Policies - click here NHU

Financial Aid - click here NHU
For more information about Financial Aid contact the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office at 408-273-2741, Student Services, 1st floor.

Tuition Refund Policy
For more information about NHU’s tuition refund policy click here NHU

Official Withdrawal from School
For more information about withdrawing from NHU click here NHU

Clery Disclosure Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act
More information and campus crime statistics as mandated by federal regulation is available at http://securityoncampus.org.

Persistence and Graduation Rates
In accordance with the federal regulations, information regarding NHU's graduation rate for full-time undergraduate students is available from the Office of the Registrar.

Policies for Transfer of Credit
For more information about transfer of credit policies click here NHU

Privacy Rights of Students in Education Records (FERPA)
click here NHU
For the complete federal policy, please refer to www.ed.gov.