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TRiO Scholars Program

About Us

The TRiO Scholars Program (TSP), a federally funded Student Support Services TRiO project, is committed to assist 160 undergraduate NHU students who are low-income, first in their families to graduate from college, and those with disabilities through the transition of graduating from high school and entering college. TRiO Programs help students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education. Nationally, students who participate in the Student Support Services program are more than twice as likely to remain in college than those students from similar backgrounds who do not participate in the program. The purpose of the TSP is to develop participants into scholars and transform them into professionals who will graduate from college.

Services Offered

TSP participants will benefit from the following services:

  • Academic Tutoring,
  • Study Groups,
  • Assistance in Post Secondary Course Selection
  • Financial Aid information (Scholarships, grant aid, etc)
  • Financial & Economic Literacy
  • Graduate School Information
  • Cultural Enrichment Activities
  • Summer Bridge Program
  • Support towards Postsecondary School Graduation

In addition to assisting students to graduate from college, the TSP helps motivate students to get involved and utilize the resources on campus and in the community by modeling leadership, professionalism, and perseverance.

How To Become A TSP Participant

If you would like to be a participant you must meet the following:

  • Be a current enrolled NHU student
  • Eligibility requirements : first generation, low income, and/or disabled
  • Demonstrate Academic Need
  • Complete and sign Application (TRiO Student App. on left),
  • Commit to participate in program activities and services (tutoring, workshops, appointments with TSP staff, etc).

The Student Support Services program is funded under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and is one of the original TRiO Programs. TRiO programs help low-income, first-generation, and disabled students graduate from college with a bachelor’s degree to pursue the career of their choice or graduate degrees.


Any questions or additional information, please contact:

Martha Escalera, Director  (408) 273-2709

Arnulfo Sanchez, Retention Specialist  (408) 273-2729

Office hours: Mon – Fri.  8am-6pm
Office  Located on the 1st Floor


14271 Story Road, San Jose, CA 95127 | 408-254-6900
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