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Our Mission and Philosophy


Our Mission

The National Hispanic University provides a post-secondary education for Hispanics and others grounded in cultural respect, biliteracy, and diversity for engaged students who will become local, national, and global leaders.

Our Vision
Our vision is that every student at The National Hispanic University will graduate.

Our Values
We believe in Familia™, a signature approach that applies a unique combination of cooperative learning and mutual assistance among students, faculty and community/business partners in a personal and culturally relevant environment. The interactions with responsive and caring professors, staff and community members help to create a caring and supportive environment with a high degree of authenticity in all interactions.

We cherish multiple perspectives and embrace diversity in support of our common mission that is the cornerstone of access to quality education for our students.

Quality & Excellence
We pursue superior performance in teaching, learning, service and research.

We prepare students to be of service to their communities and society at large.

We live honestly and ethically according to our shared values.

Our Goals

The National Hispanic University is dedicated to the challenge of meeting the unique requirements of its students. The purpose of providing the opportunity for a multicultural education to qualified individuals is expressed in all phases of the University's operations, from the selection of professors to the design of the curriculum. The undergraduate academic programs provide students with a general education, as well as specialized knowledge in a chosen field. While the National Hispanic University realizes the necessity of offering students a large quantity of available information, it believes that its primary task is to develop student’ skills in critical thinking and inquiry.

The fundamental goal of NHU is to help students to acquire a liberal arts based-knowledge, to develop the competencies needed in their chosen professional field, and to develop the attitude of personal responsibility necessary to function effectively as a citizen in an increasingly complex and interdependent world.

University Objectives

To fulfill its mission, the National Hispanic University is committed to the following objectives:

  1. Providing academically rigorous programs that promote critical thinking and problem solving skills;

  2. Practicing and advocating cultural pluralism that respects and appreciates diversity as a model for interaction in the classroom, university and society;

  3. Providing service learning and community-based experiences that will help students become productive professionals and responsible citizens;

  4. Developing in its students the capacity to become lifelong learners;

  5. Providing and promoting quality services as part of the co-curricular learning experience to effectively meet the diverse needs of, and to support students in pursuit of their stated educational objective;

  6. Maintaining a planning and evaluation system that engages the university community in a cycle of inquiry, assessment, and feedback to support NHU's decision-making process, high academic quality, and institutional effectiveness.

Established 30 years ago, The National Hispanic University is a model university for providing accessible and affordable quality education for underserved students. Through innovation, engagement, and student-centered learning, The National Hispanic University, an accredited four-year private university, is fostering successful academic and economic futures for its students.